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Each day, confidently build a world leader in financial management services

Shared values to serve efficiency, performance and results

With strengthened experience and a customer loyalty rate greater than 97%, Finance Active supports its clients from all sectors of activity, private and public. By committing to shared values at the service of efficiency, performance and results, Finance Active satisfies its clients and offers ever more innovative solutions to meet the challenges of financial management.



Proficiency in IT techniques, combined with its expertise in finance, make Finance Active the leading player in the market for services managing debt and guarantees, exchange-rate risk, investments and financial forecasting. 



Finance Active’s teams are enthusiastic about technology and financial management. They work hard and faithfully for their clients over the long term. Independent of any financial institution, Finance Active gives its opinions with a free and committed attitude and gives its clients transparent, reliable and objective expertise.



Finance Active is driven by a culture of progress based on R&D and by teams of high-level experts who are always at the cutting edge of innovation. A sole objective: the creation of innovative technological tools, reliable and efficient over the long term, the most adapted to the functional and strategic requirements of clients.