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Finance Active: pioneer in multi-tenant SaaS

With more than 15 years of experience in developing solutions in SaaS mode, Finance Active offers solutions specially designed for the web, continuously connected to the financial markets and easily integrated with your information system.
Adept in agile development, Finance Active’s technological team has more than 40 staff, analysts, experts in quantitative finance, ergonomists and software and systems engineers, who work closely with our teams of consultants and our clients for a unique user experience.


Why choose SaaS for your financial applications?


Cost control

Controlled costs

With SaaS, you pay a fixed, predictable subscription, the amount of which depends simply on the modules that you deploy and the usage that you make of them. No server to purchase or install, no unaffordable licence and no maintenance contract. The price is transparent and there are no hidden operating costs.


Automatic updates

A system that is constantly up to date, simplified support

SaaS eliminates the need to constantly update your systems and servers or perform costly migration projects to keep your solution up-to-date. Finance Active’s development teams constantly produce new functionalities which are deployed on an ongoing basis. Our multi-tenant architecture ensures that all our clients constantly use the most recent and most complete version of each of our solutions.


Instantaneous worldwide deployment

Solutions accessible everywhere, immediately

Designed for the web, and based on the architecture of the Internet, Finance Active’s solutions are immediately accessible to all players in your financial information system, whatever their geographical location, their role or their working language. You can thus homogenise your processes and standardise your reporting, whatever the size of your organisation.


Integration with your information system

APIs and interfaces

Integrating with your information system, Finance Active’s solutions expose a set of secured APIs and specialised interfaces to integrate very easily with your IT master plan.



Foolproof security

Finance Active adheres to the most recent standards to ensure the security of your accesses and your data. All of our solutions are subject to an annual security audit by a specialised auditor.Our solutions use highly secure encryption algorithms for transporting and storing your data. Our servers are hosted in world-class data centres, divided over several physical sites, and have latest-generation backup systems.

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