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« At Finance Active, we develop SaaS technologies to make finance accessible and transparent for our customers. We make information sharing and decision making smoother so every organisation can better manage its debt and financial risks. Since 2021, Finance Active joined Altus Group, a leading provider of software, data analytics solutions and advisory services to the global commercial real estate (CRE) industry. »

Ready for some adventure time? Here are 3 reasons to be part of ours!

A conqueror’s mind
Pioneer and visionary at heart, we have great growth opportunities, abroad and in new markets. Let’s write the next page together and beyond borders.

A reliable partner
Our customers have been trusting us for years, and we put that trust in each of our associates by quickly giving them responsibilities. With us, you can give a meaning to your missions.

An innovative spirit
By exploring new aspects of finance and technology, we have developed unique skills and expertise. We will give you the tools and the conditions to grow them and to keep innovating, always in a healthy environment.

What we do (by the way, we work in finance)

150 associates
33 as the average age
3 offices in France
7 offices abroad


"I support my customers in their business digitalisation to create a world of opportunities."


"Driving my customers towards success makes my day."


"From UX to Production, I play with codes to build innovative solutions."

Your way to Finance Active

From recruitment…

We first get in touch in interviews. From the HR team to the manager, including your coworkers, from soft skills to case studies, we offer a 360-degree exchange to take the time to know you. Our goal? A perfect win-win match!

… to integration

Welcome package, integration passport, training plan, e-learning, team building, custom HR follow-up… We ensure you get a human and efficient onboarding process.