We are pleased to announce the release of Covenant Tracking, the only 100% dedicated solution to track and forecast financial & non-financial Covenants. A feature integrated into our Fairways Debt solution. Unrivalled on the market it revolutionizes the way our clients centralize and consolidate all data related to loans, including environmental, social and governance indicators, which are increasingly present in financing.

This cutting edge feature will allow you to:

  • Master your financial performance: assess and reduce credit risk thanks to proactive tracking of compliance data
  • Work smarter and faster: industrialize monitoring and reports for both financial and sustainable commitments, either on a line by line or consolidated basis
  • Use locked-in, repeatable process: collaboration between stakeholders from financing, treasury, board and any counterparts is smoother, as well as report publications

Among its features:

  • Ability to create and aggregate metrics based both on debt data (provided by Fairways Debt) and external data (cash, rents, occupancy rates etc.) all in one screen
  • Dynamic and aggregated dashboards allowing to go from the most aggregated level to the most granular level (loan level) and to quickly zoom on loans that are at risk of a breach
  • All loan related events, such as covenant publications, payments and maturities consolidated in a single calendar view
  • Ability to run multiple covenant scenario based on different financial and non-financial indicator forecasts

Interested by a demo?

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