We are happy to announce the release of Smart Analytics, the first ever interactive and self-service decision-making analytics dashboards for debt. A feature integrated into our Fairways Debt solution. Smart Analytics will revolutionize the way our clients analyze their debt data. A decision-making feature that consolidates complex debt data into predefined dashboards for a clearer global view.

Smart Analytics allows you to: 

  • Quickly find areas of attention in your debt portfolio
  • Make more informed decisions thanks to its exhaustive view on a given topic
  • Easily and independently access data analytics.

Among its functions, Smart Analytics possess:

  • Dashboards with multiple real-time filtering on counterparties, entities, instrument types, fixed vs floating, short-term vs long-term, committed vs uncommitted, currencies, etc.
  • Drill-down capabilitiesfrom balances at the holding level all the way down to the deal level
  • The means to consolidate debt positions across all subsidiaries or investments within seconds

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