Corporate debt management software

Optimize debt management

Improve reliability, control and manage your debts efficiently and take the right decisions using a dedicated online solution and expert support.

A smart solution to manage your debt


Simplify financing management, sustainably optimize financial fees and control risk exposure; it is always complex for a company to set up efficient debt monitoring that is both strategic and operational.

Fairways Debt can industrialise complex and resource-consuming monitoring. Fully integrated into the information system and constantly connected to the market, Fairways Debt provides reliability and intelligence to monitor and value your positions – whereas just using a spreadsheet adds risk upon risk -, while taking charge of your strategic or regulatory reporting obligations.

Simultaneously, the associated services of implementation or expert financial management advice adapt to your requirements to aim for excellence and help you to take the right decisions.

To optimise the management of leasing restatement, Finance Active provides a complementary solution: Progefi 16.

A simple, reliable and powerful debt management solution

Simplify the monitoring of your debt

fairways-suiviWith Fairways Debt, the company’s financial organisation has an unequalled software solution to monitor and analyse financing transactions. In just a few clicks, you obtain:

  • All of your loans, leasing and hedging
  • Your average financing rates
  • Your liquid assets, bank counterparties and covenants
  • Your intra-group loans
  • Your bank contracts for each of your products

Access real-time market data

fairways_informationYou are continuously connected to the financial markets:

  • Rate curves, swap curves, variable indexes and exchange rates
  • Historical rates, forward rates and market expectations
  • Real-time Mark-to-Market valuations

With Fairways Debt, you evaluate and simulate:

  • Strategies concerning loans or hedging
  • The margins and hidden costs underlying your bank proposals
  • The probabilities of threshold crossing
  • Debt restructuring
  • Stress tests

Benefit from financial and regulatory reports:

fairways-statsFairways Debt lets you publish all reports that you need in just a few clicks.

You have the following available at any time:

  • Strategic reports: dashboards, summaries, analyses, audits,…
  • Financial reports: funding valuation reports, consolidated statements, economic notes,…
  • Regulatory reports: accounting appendices, budgets; IFRS, Swiss & US GAAP and IAS statements; effectiveness tests, reports,…

Benefit from operational expert advice

Fairways Debt includes a very high-level support and services component.

The Professional Services teams are there to successfully customise and integrate the software solution.

Once the solution is deployed, you will benefit from the support of a dedicated consultant, who will assist you in daily use and guide you through the different pricing tools.

Upon request, you can also benefit from the financial advice of our experts, who will provide audits, strategic guidance and compliance analysis, thus helping you in decision-making.

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