Sortie de Java 9, Angular CLI, Docker Con Europe 2017 : voici notre sélection #Tech NEWS de la semaine !




Article paru sur – par Christina Mercer – le 26/09/2017

Java Development Kit (JDK) 9 is packed with new features, including modularisation, ahead-of-time compilation, a read-eval-print loop and a memory-saving improvement. […]

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Chez Finance Active, nous avons également consacré l’un de nos Tech IT Easy à Java 9, vous pouvez (re)voir la vidéo ci-dessous :




Article paru sur – par Stephen Fluin – le 21/09/2017

The Angular CLI is a command-line interface for building Angular applications, and over the last year it has become one of the most essential tools in an Angular developer’s toolbox. […]

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Evénement organisé par dockercon europe – Bella Center, Copenhague, du 16/10/2017 au 19/10/2017

Dockercon is about learning, sharing and connecting; where conversations with attendees are as valuable as any session. The Hallway Track at DockerCon will help you meet and share knowledge with community members and practitioners at the conference in a structure and fun format. […]

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