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"A clear, centralized, always up-to-date
view of your financial commitments

A Fintech company created in 2000, Finance Active develops high-quality solutions to optimize debt and financial risk management: foreign exchange, investment, financial forecasting and guarantees.

With over 10,000 users worldwide, Finance Active paves the way for digital transformation in financial departments of companies, local public authorities and financial institutions.

Permanently connected to financial markets, our solutions provide a dynamic and centralized view that simplifies transaction management. Our innovative, user-focused approach allows us to develop agile and collaborative software to maximize financial performance and enhance operational efficiency.

Our mission: providing financial teams with high-quality data and advice in order to allow them more room for manoeuvre in operational and financial decision-making.

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Finance Active in figures



A turnover of 21 millions

Monitored positions: €1,000bn

150 employees

1 R&D team in Paris

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