Public sector and social housing management software

Insito: debt management for local authorities

Enhance financial decision-making and optimize debt management for the local public sector and local authorities with a tool that simplifies your monitoring and provides you with support from dedicated experts.

A unique tool and tailored support to manage debt and financing


It is always complex to set up routine and efficient debt monitoring, both at the strategic and operational levels. Certain local authorities do not do so because they have neither the information nor the expertise on financing conditions for local public institutions.

With Insito, Finance Active has developed a service that specifically deals with these issues, combining a monitoring tool and the support of experts in regional debt dedicated to your local authority.

A centralised and secure tool
for monitoring debt and reporting

Simplify the monitoring of your debt

suiviIn just a few clicks, you obtain:

  • All of your loans and hedging, with summary sheets and scanned contracts
  • Your outstanding balance per budget, your average funding rates and your repayment profiles
  • Your risks detailed according to a precise analysis grid
  • Your financial fees, your calculations of interest accrued and non-accrued
  • Your liquid assets, bank counterparties and contractual notice periods
  • Your payment schedules valued, with automatic updating

Value your transactions in real-time

insito-habitat-captureYou are continuously connected to the financial markets and you can access:

  • Interest rate quotations: bank rates, government rates, floating rates, inflation rates and economic indicators
  • Historical and current values, and values forecast by the markets
  • The valuation of your loans at market conditions

With Insito Institutions, you evaluate and simulate:

  • Strategies concerning the use of loans or hedging
  • Bank margins
  • The probabilities of threshold crossing
  • Debt restructuring
  • Stress tests

Facilitate your reporting

You can publish:

  • Strategic reports: dashboards, summaries, detailed audits,…
  • Financial reports: funding valuation reports, consolidated risk statements, economic notes,…
  • Regulatory reports: debt statements – all nomenclatures – in the statutory format or in dematerialised versions
  • The Finance Active debt monitoring guide, a genuine reference tool for the local public sector, for comparing your key figures with local authorities of the same size (more than 1,500 local authorities analysed, in all strata). Debt monitoring guide available for France, Belgium and Switzerland

assistance opérationnelle avec nos expertsBenefit from operational expert advice

Our back office managers:

  • configure your account settings
  • update your financial data
  • monitor your financial fees
  • help you in setting up Insito interfaces with your financial management and forecasting software

Our dedicated consultants:

  • prepare debt audit reports and situate yourself in relation to comparable entities
  • propose financial strategies
  • alert you to market intervention levels
  • help you to best negotiate with banks
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