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Optimize foreign exchange risk management

Manage foreign exchange risk in the most effective way and take the right decisions with our online solution and tailored advisory services.

A smart solution to handle foreign exchange risk


Within a globalised trade context, foreign exchange risk becomes a key factor to ensure the financial health of companies. To prevent the effects of exchange rates on margins, avoid speculation on the exchange rate movements and predict cash flows, financial decision makers are constantly seeking new solutions to handle this risk in the most effective way.

A user-friendly decision-making tool continuously connected to the currency market, Fairways Fx provides smart solutions when simple spreadsheets fail to clearly support your activities. Fairways Fx delivers reliable real-time information to analyse risk, value positions and publish the necessary reports.

The solution is complemented by deployment assistance and expert advisory services, which will help you to handle risk and decision-making according to your specific needs and guidelines.

A reliable and powerful solution dedicated to foreign exchange risk management

Simplify the monitoring of foreign exchange risk

fairways-change-suiviHedge management:

  • Position overview by currency, risk and maturity
  • Detailed information for each traded transaction
  • Hedging schedules

Exposure management:

  • Management of each forecast and realised risk: date, currency, associated hedge…
  • Consolidated exposure management: risk type, currency, period, custom properties…

Access real-time exchange rates

fairways-change-informationDirect access to foreign exchange markets:

  • Major currencies and ECB reference rates
  • Historical rates, charts, averages, forward points and volatility surfaces
  • Real-time Mark-to-Market valuations

Valuation and simulation:

  • New hedges’ Mark-to-Market valuation
  • Transaction rollovers and early-terminations
  • Bank spreads
  • Break even points and stress tests

Benefit from financial and regulatory reports

Publish custom reports easily

  • Strategic reports: dashboards, hedge overview by exposure, by currency and per month, bank follow-up…
  • Financial reports: transaction valuations, portfolio sensitivity, commitments (Budget vs Profit & loss)…
  • Regulatory reports (optional):
    • IFRS Statements (IAS 32, 39 & IFRS 7, 9, 13), effectiveness tests, monitoring of P&L / OCI allocations
    • EMIR reports (bank confirmations, TR reporting…)

Benefit from operational expert advice

Fairways Fx comes with high-quality services and support that can be customised according to your needs.

During deployment, our consultants:

  • Configure your account settings
  • Help you in setting up Fairways Fx interfaces with your financial management software

During the operational phase, our experts:

  • Analyse your foreign exchange risk management
  • Propose financial strategies in keeping with your internal management policies
  • Alert you to FX rate movements and the agreed intervention levels
  • Help you to get the best trading conditions from your banking partners
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