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Simplify guarantee management

Monitor, handle and make more reliable your daily guarantee management with our online solution and tailored advisory services

A powerful, secure and easy-to-use solution to manage your guarantees

Guarantee management entails many risks, including those arising from information management and the need to monitor all the issued and received guarantees. In many cases, guarantee management – which involves financial, sales and legal teams – still represents a potential source of savings and efficiency.

With its carefully designed ergonomics, Fairways Guarantees provides all users with exceptional ease of use and access. This SaaS solution hosted in France ensures the most effective management of your guarantees.

A step further in guarantee management

Simplify the monitoring of your guarantees

fairways-garanties-avantage_informationAccessible via a simple browser, Fairways Guarantees enables tracking anytime, anywhere and in any way you wish.

Easy to deploy and characterized with a carefully designed ergonomics, Fairways Guarantees allows to involve all collaborators in a few minutes, thus helping to address all the issues related to guarantee management.

Access all the relevant information about your guarantees

fairways-garanties-avantage_suiviFairways Guarantees enables real-time monitoring of all information relating to guarantees (issue date, changes in outstanding amounts, associated fees, counter-guarantees, electronic documents, etc.), be they bank or corporate, received or issued, domestic or international guarantees.

Online access to a centralised database allows to find with a few clicks the information required.

Benefit from real-time reports

fairways-garanties-reportingWith Fairways Guarantees, you can edit reports in a few seconds according to different consolidation axes (principal, guarantor, business unit, country, etc.), to get a comprehensive, real-time view of the status of your guarantees. Fairways Guarantees is connected to foreign exchange markets, and allows to set a “group” exchange rate in reports.

Benefit from operational expert advice

Our experts deliver ongoing assistance and advice during the whole deployment period. Everyday, they can help you to customise reports, search for an indicator… for the most time-effective process.

Upon request, our consultants deliver specific training, audit management policies and provide strategic guidance to optimize fees and costs.

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