Progefi 16 Leasing

Easily manage your leasing agreements

Simplify leasing management and produce in a click regulatory restatements with Progefi 16, the brand new version of Progefi adapted to IFRS 16.

Everywhere throughout Europe, leasing is in the news, at a time when the outright purchase of production facilities can no longer be taken for granted. Some 1,400 leasing companies grant nearly 250 billion euros in financing each year. But these contracts are complex, likely to cause hidden costs and lead to reporting and restatements that can be highly restrictive. With Progefi, you have a solution that lets you easily manage your financial leasing contracts.  You get reliable information to accurately manage contracts, produce daily reporting statements and easily restate comparative information according to IFRS 16.

A tested and reliable leasing management solution

Simplify monitoring and accounts restatement

Simple and quick to use, it offers:

  • Amortisation tables: payment amounts, interest rates, original value or term to maturity, as well as financing fees, effective rate and overall cost
  • Processing to perform closure of corporate accounts
  • The accounts restatement of financial leasing and other forms of lease financing for accounts consolidation

Achieve compliance with IFRS standards

And particularly with IAS 16, 17, 36 and IFRS 16:

  • Breakdown by components
  • Fair value
  • Amortisation plan
  • Depreciation of assets

With Progefi 16, you:

  • easily generate the financial-leasing restatement entries according to the types of assets financed
  • produce the entries for the consolidated accounts exportable to consolidation software
  • benefit from interfaces for the payment of rent, providing data for all of your accounting and analytical accounts

Benefit from personalised reports

You can publish:

  • complete report statements: dashboards, summaries, retrospective or projected analyses by funding, account or company
  • restatements for consolidation, accounts assignments, cash projection and tax declarations

Benefit from operational expert advice

expert-telOur dedicated consultants:

  • support you in the rationalisation and optimisation of your organisation
  • assist you in setting up interfaces between Progefi 16 and your administration software
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