Riskedge, Consulting

Tailored Financial
Engineering & Consulting
Corporate and
Local Public Sector

Riskedge offers tailored financial engineering and consulting services to complement our financial solutions.

Riskedge services

Riskedge provides companies and local authorities with a wide range of services, to assist with the entire risk management process relating to financial market fluctuations (interest rates, exchange rates, raw materials, loans…).

In the public sector, Riskedge offers tailored services in the fields of active debt management, financial audit, ”Gissler Charter” classification, transactional pricing, position management, structured instruments, invitations for tenders, portfolio management, etc.

In the corporate sector, Riskedge provides assistance with the entire decision-making process – strategy, deployment, execution and control – in different fields: risk analysis, hedging strategies, transactional pricing, position management, structured instruments, active debt management, interest rate risk, exchange rate risk, climate risks, raw material risks, derivatives, energy, counterparty risks, stock-options, IFRS 2, IAS 32, IAS 39, etc.

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