BNP Paribas REIM France testimonial

BNP Paribas REIM France is part of the real estate division of the BNP Paribas Group, represented by BNP Paribas Real Estate. For almost 40 years, BNP Paribas REIM France, a portfolio management firm, has structured and managed regulated real estate funds, both for individuals and institutions.

The team of BNP Paribas REIM France brings together around one hundred experts in real estate investment, fund and asset management, like Myriam Trabelsi and Jean-Maxime Jouis; they decided to rely on Finance Active’s debt management services.

Business sector(s)
  • BanK
  • Debt Management
  • Fairways Debt
  • SaaS solution
  • Easy debt monitoring
  • Expert advice