Nicolas Obolensky, Head of Product at Finance Active, talks in an interview published on March 15, 2021 by Option Finance about the complexity of monitoring environmental, social and governance indicators for financial departments, which are nevertheless increasingly present in financial products. He also discusses the technology developed by Finance Active to facilitate the monitoring of these metrics and make them a real lever for financial performance.

Debt and ESG monitoring: increase visibility to outperform

«While monitoring environmental, social, and corporate governance indicators (ESG) remains cumbersome for financial departments, Finance Active offers them a solution to centralize and consolidate data related to their loans, including ESG data.

Why is monitoring the ESG performance so complex for financial departments?

Aware of their critical and positive impacts on value creation, investors were already very attentive to ESG criteria monitoring. This was recently emphasized by the COVID-19 crisis. As they need more transparency on companies’ ESG data, they ask financial departments to provide them with comprehensive and regular reports. Financial departments master new financial reporting processes, which have been standardized for many years. It is a different situation regarding ESG […]»

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